Used in PVC profiles, G, Broken G, is the machine used to produce box shapes. Machine speed is 40 m / min.

It is the machine that makes the production of the so-called support sheet which is put in order to strengthen the PVC profile into all kinds of PVC profiles used in window construction. It is capable of working at 0 - 60 m / min speed from 0,8 - 2 mm galvanized steel coils or black sheath. Thanks to its full automatic operation capability, it provides value for the cost of production and provides efficient production opportunity. Our machine consists of the following;

  1. Roll opener
  2. Sheet forming unit (Rollform)
  3. Movable length cutting unit (Flying Saw)
  4. Stacking unit
  5. Control Panel

Turkey and Europe with all of our machines used in the production of PVC steel reinforcements possible. Among the ones we can count; Compen, Asaşpen, Fıratpen, Egepen, Pimapen, Adopen, Artwinpen, Alfapen, Pakpen, Gealan, Trocal, Rehau and so on. Profile types include the U, G, Broken G, C type, Profiler head profiled profiles.




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